A Conversion with Dylan Glover

If you have ever been to Mahall’s (…muh-halls? may-halls?) I’m sure you would have had the pleasure of meeting (or at the very least, seeing) Dylan Glover.  The man wears many hats; sound tech, door guy, booking agent, manager, and a member of two local rock groups ITEM and times10.  He also wears clothes (thank God) like most adult human beings.  I too, wear clothes (you’re welcome).

As it turns out, he read my initial post “Style and the Artist” and wanted to discuss his perspective on how fashion and music work together.  After a recent trip to Europe he noticed a major difference in how people represent themselves here and overseas.  So with that being said, we made plans to have a cup of coffee and share insight about clothes! (…which we both wear).  Check out the YouTube video linked below!  I’ve added some time stamps that reflect some key points we made. We even share our favorites for best dressed bands in Cleveland 😉


“Be remarkable:  be memorable, be terrible! But, just be remarkable” -Dylan Glover

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