Why Do I Bother Waking Up Every Day?

A trendy self-help colloquialism right now is “Find Your Why” or “Finding Your Why”.  I’m sure this has been around forever… Talked about ad nauseam… The other ways to phrase it could be “What is your purpose in life”…”What are you passionate about” and the list goes on… BUT it applies to me right now so just bear with me!!

Day in and day out I hear about (or encounter) people simply existing.  They get up (after hitting snooze 10 times), sit in traffic to go to their 9-5, come home, watch Netflix and then complain about how busy they are. What the shit guys?!?!  When did this become OK???  Now this isn’t true for everyone obviously, some people can find passion in their day jobs and good for them! That’s how it should be. For others, maybe their passion is in their hobbies, maybe it’s their family… but I truly believe everyone needs something to strive towards in their life.  Don’t just go through the motions and be complacent. Be passionate about SOMETHING!!

  • Get BETTER at the day job to get that promotion.
  • IMPROVE your family life by communicating with them.
  • PRACTICE that new skill so you can be the best.
  • Go to the gym to GET IN SHAPE.

Why am I talking about this? Well, recently I’ve become very lethargic and complacent.  I’m doing a lot of talk with little to no action to show for it.  I’ve been asking myself why this has happened and to be hard on myself: I lost.  Life threw a lot of punches and I was knocked out, unwilling to get back up.  I got inside my own head and ruined some (what could have been) incredible experiences.  And here I am… defeated:

  • An event I’ve been planning is in jeopardy.
  • Some relationships have went sour and need mending.
  • Waiting on test results regarding a family members health.
  • Questioning my talents and what drives me to continue.
  • My day job has been breaking me down mentally because of the leadership

So I’d be asking myself: “Why the hell am I even waking up today?”

I’d want to stay in bed, mope around, and not communicate my needs because I honestly didn’t think anyone cared. Fortunate for me, I had some friends and family notice my dip in personality.  They offered to listen.  They provided some great advice.  They were there with support to get me through this funk I brought upon myself.  Thinking positive is way easier said than done, but if you don’t put in the effort you’ll forget your “why”.  You’ll ruin aspects of your life that can lead to something great.  You will lose what’s important to you.

Thankfully, after a lot of talking and listening to those close to me I think I’m back on track!

  • I need to wake up in order to support those that need me.
  • I need to make music to express myself and hopefully inspire others.
  • I need to look my best because I represent not only myself but where I came from.
  • I need to make these blog posts to clear my head and share my experiences.
  • I need to stop using bullet points to get my point across.

Long story short… I think I re-found my “why”.  It’s not going to be easy getting back into the groove and mending what needs to be fixed, but it has to happen in order for me to live a fulfilling life.  To not be complacent.  To be somebody.

I sincerely hope you know what your purpose is.  If not, don’t fret! It takes time to find it. Just as long as you put in the effort consistently you will see the reward.



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