The End of “Steve Wright – Cleveland”

Capture.PNGShorter post for you guys this month.

For a while now I’ve been using the moniker “stevewrightcleveland” when referring to myself on social media and the internet in general.  What made me choose this to begin with? Well for starters, I live in Cleveland, OH!  Which of course I felt I had to make known to followers and readers alike…

At one time however, I thought I was going to make the blog much bigger than what I want it to be now.  I didn’t know what I wanted… I thought I was going to be the next big blogger out of Cleveland, not only covering the music scene, but everything: food, fashion, attractions… I was very ambitious.  When I realized that the music aspect is what I NEEDED to focus on (wants vs. needs people…) then that idea fell by the wayside (and for the better!).

I want to be known as a guitar player first and foremost.  I hate writing “songs” and I really don’t like the idea of making songs just to record for an album and sell… So what the hell do I like doing? Isn’t all that the music experience?? Yes, all of those are part of it… but for me I just like to play the fucker.  Whatever I can come with on the spot with my guitar and equipment, that’s what you’re going to get.  That’s what I’m feeling at that moment. I’m a solo musician.  My mood and ideas change constantly and to try and capture that just to repeat it over and over again doesn’t appeal to me when I play by myself.

It has taken me a few years to realize this, but with an EP under my belt and an album coming out this fall, I know now where I need to shift my approach.  I rarely play the songs I have recorded (…or will be recording for that matter) and it’s been like that for some time.

So with that being said, “Steve Wright – Cleveland” is no more.  It was a name I used out of the lack of knowing what I wanted to do.  After I release my album this fall I will be cutting back on shows and focusing on a “less is more” approach.  My solo performances will be totally improvised and I would like to record THOSE in the future for downloadable content.  The live performance, to me, is what makes music so great. Now that I OFFICIALLY (…see what I did there?) know where I’ll be going musically I can’t wait to see what happens…

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Side Note:  Who knows where I will end up in the next few years anyway… I love Cleveland, but never say never!


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