Why I Did What I Did.

Screenshot_20180107-141851Change.  This one little word can scare the hell out of a lot of people.  Whether it’s a deviation from your normal routine, or even just trying a new food, people fear it. Its different and unfamiliar.  You have to adapt.  Well folks, this is where my journey begins; with change.

I moved to Lakewood, Ohio from Youngstown during the summer of 2015.  Fresh out of college with a double major in accounting and finance from Youngstown State University, I was a wide-eyed young professional eager to start my career with a major accounting firm, work my way up and, who knows, maybe be a partner or take a controller gig somewhere down the road… It only took one year with the firm to make me realize I was not where I was supposed to be.  Accountants are NEEDED and there are certain personalities that this career path is good for. Mine’s not one of them. Long days behind a computer in a cramped room with a bunch of other people, I WANTED OUT.  I was depressed, I didn’t do much in between days at work, my mind suffered, my body suffered… Sounds dramatic, but screw it, that’s how I was! So, I found a staff accounting job at a smaller company.  This lasted for another 2 and a half months. Essentially, similar hours, similar work, I just traded that cramped room for a cube. Again,  I wanted out.  So what did I do? I quit with nothing lined up.

I was terrified for a hot minute, but you adapt and make a plan.  It took me almost a month to figure out what I wanted and how to get there. With encouragement from my parents, former coworkers and even a CFO, I had considered the two things I was passionate about (music and clothing) and rationalized which would be a more viable job option.  Clothing came out on top, so I scoured the internet finding luxury menswear stores to get my foot in the door with the fashion industry… I would go into these places, talk to whoever I could and eventually this lead to a job opportunity at Kilgore Trout, a well known store in the Cleveland area for 40 years!

Timing can be a bitch, but it is everything. I wouldn’t be where I am now if the timing wasn’t right. I work in a store selling product I’m passionate about, I go on buying trips a few times a year and participate in local fashion shows.  The men I help style are great people and after appointments I feel something I didn’t in accounting, a sense of fulfillment. Of course I still have a lot to learn, but we’re all learning every day aren’t we? Best of all, I’m not drained at the end of the day!  Which leaves time for me to have a solo music project, become an ordained minister, workout more, and now I’m even starting this website to keep everyone in the loop!

I hope you aren’t afraid to take a risk. Whatever it is, go for it.  People will tell you no, but that’s ok. For as many of them there are, you’ll have even more on your side cheering you on.  Optimistic enough for you??? I hope so! To quote Jeff Daniels as the impeccable Tom Baxtor from Woody Allen’s “The Purple Rose of Cairo”:

“Life’s too short to spend time thinking about life, let’s just live it!”


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